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A Path Towards Sustainable Lubrication

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Oil dripping on bearing

Sustainable Lubrication is a lubrication program that gives value to lubrication, lubricant, equipment, organization etc. It’s a path the users have to follow for reaching the optimal situation in lubrication.

It is similar to a person planning for a long trip. eg: Whenever one plans for a trip, we do the road mapping. We keep following things before starting, Deciding the route, Start destination, Final destination, Mode of transport etc. Without proper planning and mapping of the journey, it’s not possible for a perfect and memorable trip.

The same is true for the lubrication program. For sustainable and reliable lubrication we have to follow certain steps and do mapping before proceeding towards sustainable lubrication. Initially, we have to first decide where we are and where we want to reach.

The life of the machine largely depends upon the type of lubricants used and also the lubrication program we are following.

  • What is the state of the lubrication program?
  • How sustainable and reliable it is?
  • Anyone can do re-greasing for the bearings to keep it running,  but what one can do to provide sustainability to lubrication practices?

Follow the following steps to achieve the same

  • Set your starting point
  • Provide training
  • Selection of lubricant
  • Lubricant storage and handling
  • Condition monitoring of lubricant
  • Lubricant disposal
  • Track lubricant consumption
road map image

Set your starting point

One has to understand the current location and state of lubrication. Assessing where our lubrication program stands in comparison with lubrication excellence standards. It can be compared in many different ways, one should compare with new lubrication trends and industry best practices. As trends are always evolving, so the recommendation from yesterday may not be valid today.

Providing training

One should educate their labourer about the lubrication program and the importance and significance of the same in the organization. An in house training should be arranged, articles, videos should be shared.

Here I will like to highlight on the training facility provided by MOSIL lubricants. We have skilled personnel for training about the importance of lubricants in lubrication and other factors. In case, one can contact our team members for the same

cartoon image of training

Selection of lubricants

Selection of lubricants

Lubricants selection is a vital parameter for sustainable lubrication. One should always consider that the decision should be made by an expert and trained person. As industrial lubricants selection will affect the life of the equipment, re-greasing interval, overall maintenance, and operation cost. The decision should be wise and optimum industrial speciality lubricants should be selected.

Lubricants storage and handling

Lubricants storage and handling is a major concern. One should always keep into account that a different lube room is designated for lubricants, labeling, storage should be proper as per instructed by the manufacturer of lubricant in manual. Trained personnel should be assigned to handle and managed lubricants

Lubricant Drums

Condition monitoring of lubricants

Monitoring the lubricants

Condition monitoring will always help in avoiding sudden breakdown, Condition monitoring involves, control of contamination in the lubricant, filtration of oil, Analysis of lubricants used. Collection of sample getting it tested.

Lubricants disposal

Lubricants disposal is a concern from an environmental point of view. One should always consider the risk associated with spills and leakages of lubricant in the environment. Disposing of lubricants with proper steps and following the norms.

lubricant oil drums stacked

Track lubricant consumption

One should always analyze where your lubricant is going. If one can analyze which machine is consuming the most of the lubricant, you may be able to find the reason behind the culprit machinery or poor practice being performed. Sustainable lubrication depends on the tracking of simple things and it is the pulse of the lubrication program.

Our journey for Sustainable Lubrication

As the famous quote says “Life is about the journey and not the destination”. Similarly, the journey towards sustainable lubrication will be filled with obstacles and difficulties but will help us understand our machines and lubricants. Also will increase the efficiency and reliability of our machines and lubrication program.

MOSIL Lubricants will be hand in hand partner in our journey towards sustainable lubrication. We are a manufacture speciality greasesgear oils, lubricant spray, anti seize compounds, synthetic grease, anti-friction coatings and many similar solutions to Tribological challenges in an equipment. We also have trained, skilled team members and your trustworthy mate in this journey

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