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Industrial Lubricants

gear oil lubrication

Basics and importance of Industrial Lubricants

As we all know, lubrication is essential to the proper functioning of any machinery with moving parts. One of the most important things an operator can do to keep its  machinery in good condition is to make it properly lubricated.

Different Lubricating Applications in industries such as Automotive, Engineering, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Automation, Oil & Gas, Medical Industrial lubricants have gained their own importance in various sectors. Industrial lubrication is way more important than you probably ever realized!

Industrial lubricant application

The primary work that a lubricant can do is to reduce friction. But there are a number of other important functions, an industrial lubricant can do.

  • Reduce wear and tear between the surfaces.
  • Reduce the temperatures.
  • Reduces rust and corrosion of metal surfaces and assist in keeping debris and contaminants out of the system.

Market Analysis of Industrial lubricants in India

Demand for different lubricants and lubricating goods from various sectors come up with great opportunities for industrial lubricant suppliers in the Indian market. Also, the demand for Indian industrial lubricants will show a healthy CAGR of 4.6% from 2019 to 2025.

Industrial Lubricant market analysis pie- chart

Importance of lubricants in a variety of sectors

1. Wind power sector

The demand for power generation from the wind power sector has increased rapidly which demands the installation of wind turbines. Hence wind power sector opens up numerous opportunities for gear oil in the Indian industrial lubricating market. The lubricants also help in, improving the reliability and performance of machine parts and protection against mechanical wear and reduce corrosion.


2. Lubricants importance in Marine industry

Marine lubricants are generally utilized in shipping industry to enhance the efficiency of engines and protect other equipment. They possess various essential properties such as extending engine life, protecting components at high temperatures, reduce wear of equipment.


3. Electricity & Power Generation sector

The production of electricity uses various sources of electricity generation, Most popular being wind, solar, thermal and hydro turbines which results in increasing demand for industrial specialty lubricants which has created opportunities in the Indian industrial lubricating market.


The power generation sector makes an important contribution to the countries economic growth. They have increased the demand for lubricating oils, creating many opportunities for the industrial lubricating market.

Challenges in the Industrial Lubricants Market

The idea of improving lubricants can be achieved by using viscosity modifiers and dispersant technologies that will help original equipment manufacturers and engineers to overcome the challenge without affecting the growth of the Industrial lubricants market



The study provides detailed information about key growth opportunities and major challenges and potential threats.It provides a detailed independent assessment of this fast-growing lubricant market and examines market opportunities and challenges for Industrial lubricant suppliers in India.


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