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Mosil Lubricants, Adding Value to Lubrication Excellence


Many organizations have the opportunities for considerable financial benefits from lubrication excellence with lots of added advantages. One of the most common benefits is reduced machine downtime, increase in productivity of machines. Usage of specialty lubricants is the hidden strategy that reveals and helps in the elimination of challenges by knowing the root cause and early detection of problems.

The challenge faced with this hidden strategy is, it requires spending currency today for the prevention of future failure events.

Yes, a currency spent today may return more in future, but the question arises how much one may have to wait for gaining the benefits? How assured is one that such a failure would have occurred and now it is avoided?

For eg: If we use specialty lubricants forbearing of a single machine, one might see the benefits of overall maintenance for more than or a couple of years. Contrarily If we have a fleet of machines using specialty lubricants, one can see the benefits soon, as the maintenance might get reduced drastically in any given period of time including the current year.

Also, many other tangible benefits are not related to preclude future failures. How can one validate the cost of executing the top-notch lubrication program be paid for in today’s budgetary cycle?

We will understand the same by going through the following points

1. Reducing maintenance costs   

  • Quality of lubricants
  • The different costs involved in the maintenance  

2. Reducing energy and fuel consumption   

  • Correct viscosity
  • Consistency of grease
  • Channeling properties of grease
  • Over greasing 

3. Reduction of Annual budget spent on lubrication

  • Precise selection of lubricant
  • Extended life of the lubricant

1. Reducing maintenance costs   

Reducing maintenance costs is always associated with safety or service. Conversely, its other way around reducing maintenance costs is about managing maintenance strategy and planning efficiently. There are two sides of maintenance cost involved one is quality of lubricant and other is cost e.g: Labour cost, and equipment parts failure, etc.

– Quality of Lubricant
The picture depicts it well as the quality of lubricants goes on increasing the maintenance cost goes on decreasing, giving us economic gains. Everything depends  on action and change

Maintenance Costs and Lubrication Quality

– The different costs involved in the maintenance
The graph below explains the maintenance budget and explains various costs involved in maintenance. If the budget is to be reduced it is important to understand the corresponding need of expenditure and eliminate it. The challenge here is to know what could be done to reduce the need for replacing parts, labour costs, supplies, and lubricants. We can achieve the same by selecting optimized lubrication. The significance of the benefit is proportional to the current lubrication programs adopted by the organization.

Adressables Maintenance Costs

2. Reducing energy and fuel consumption

Some parameters are important to select the lubricant for the reduction of energy and fuel consumption as lubricant plays an important role in the same. And it is one of the indirect benefits of using optimized lubricant

– Correct Viscosity
When it comes to a reduction in energy consumption, viscosity can be both an enabler and inhibitor as it influences oil film produced by a lubricant. If a high viscosity lubricant is selected it causes internal oil friction and heat production leading to increased energy and fuel consumption

Reducing Energy & Fuel Consumption

– Consistency of grease
Not much considered, but consistency has a high impact on energy consumption in ways similar to viscosity.

– Channeling properties of grease
A grease with good channelling properties helps reducing friction since it keeps the bulk grease away from moving parts

– Over greasing
Over greasing increases friction between and moving elements leading to an increase in temperature of equipment thus increasing the energy consumption, and shorter life of the equipment

3. Reduction of Annual budget spent on lubrication

As we have discussed before, lubricant procuring is not a high expenditure in the overall maintenance budget. But it is always considered as a high expense and targeted for cost reduction. It is not advisable to save money by buying conventional lubricants. Because lubricants act as the blood of the machine. A good and efficient life of machines can be achieved with a precise and good quality lubricant.

– Precise selection of lubricant
Lubricant selection should be optimum. One should not use under or over-engineered lubricant for a machine. We should not save money by buying conventional products for critical applications as they can be hazardous to machines. Small differences in performance can lead to a huge difference in machine efficiency and reliability. A lubricant with a good life for the right application is always reliable


– Extended life of the lubricant
Using a precise and optimum lubricant by understanding the requirement of application also helps in better performance of lubricant and extended service life of lubricant and reduced equipment failure by reducing wear and tear.

One can understand, it is always better to be approximately right than be precisely wrong. We should always consider the value of lubricant in industries and its added direct and indirect benefits as explained.

Extended Life of a Lubricant

MOSIL Lubricants have proved its excellence in lubrication by adding value to its customer and giving performance and financial gain by using optimized lubricant of their application.
Thus creating a win-win situation for both.


For testimonial and product-related details and benefits to customers please visit our website at www.mosil.com. One can select a lubricant from a wide range of products for meeting the requirement as per their application demand.

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