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Cleanliness or Quality


Which is more important for lubricant?

oil swirl

Maintaining a heavy-duty equipment requires attention to lubrication schedule & selection, their quality and their proper application etc. Many equipment administrators invest a lot of energy exploring what they feel are the best items to keep their hardware in the field and out of the shop.

Because of the advancement in technology, an essentially high number of new machines and hardware are used in industries and factories these days than ever before. A majority of these machines need oil and lubricants to work adequately. As a result, companies are interested in investing in Quality Lubricants. Lubricants are something of essential significance and along these lines permit the machines to work appropriately and smoothly without causing wear & tear.

Two samples of oil lubricants showing the difference in it's purity

A lubricant to be considered of the highest quality is a lubricant that is free from impurities and thus is mostly preferred by companies. At present, no organization needs to settle on this front because the purity of a lubricant has a bearing on the functioning as well as the longevity of machines. Both of these aspects are related to the output and turnover of a company and can directly affect the profit factor on some grounds.

Which one is more important?

In the industrial world, there is slight confusion between the quality and cleanliness of lubricants. While both are significant, sometimes we need to choose between one of the two aspects. Some people generally compare the quality of products like lubricants with that of its cleanliness. But this a wrong assumption.While both share some kind of relationship with one another, they are not the same thing.

drop of quality oil lubricant

Cleanliness vs Quality

oil lubricants sample analysis

Cleanliness calls attention to the type and source of base oil a lubricant is made of and how pure it is.These two things characterize the cleanliness of a grease.  On the other hand, the quality of a lubricant is progressively about its reliability and performance.In other words,if a brand has quality lubricant, it is of reliable quality.

A lubricant should pass the cleanliness,contamination as well as performance tests.It must pass various tests and conform to a set of international standards concerning its quality.
Quality lubricants can profit an organization in three-distinct ways:

  • It improves efficiency,  
  • Brings down emissions 
  • Gives life span to the machines.


Thus, when it comes to picking between the cleanliness and quality of a lubricant,the last has more weight for the basic explanation that the previous is one of its subsets. If you buy a lubricant that is of high quality, it will naturally deal with the aspects of cleanliness.
Reputed companies like Mosil Lubricants, guarantee that their product is thoroughly tested under the standards of quality cleanliness and contamination before sending it to the market.


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