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Non-Melt, Non-Drip Grease


Non-melt grease popularly known as Non – drip grease is a high – performance lubricant that helps in reducing maintenance downtime and increased re – lubrication interval. It performs satisfactorily at elevated temperatures and is generally oxidation resistant.

Let’s understand more in details about the grease and understand how it acquired its property

What do you think non-melt grease is and how it acquired its property?

Non-melt grease is a grease with a none drop point. The grease acquires this property from its thickener. Some thickeners are non – melting and withstand temp that is hotter than what conventional greases can handle. Inorganic thickeners have none drop pint and perform well at elevated temperature range. Popular inorganic thickeners are: Silica, Organoclay, Carbon black etc.

Pros of using non- melt grease:

  • High – performance Lubricant
  • Performs well at elevated temperatures subject to the suitability of base oil
  • Good oxidation stability at high temperatures
  • Performs well at adverse conditions

Challenges faced by non – melt grease are the same as that of other greases i.e. Caking of grease, Oil running out of grease, Compatibility issues, Pumpability, etc. However, caking of grease at high temperature remains the most common cause of concern while using a non – melt grease with a base oil that is not suitable for such high temepraturs.

Some interesting facts of non- melt grease:

– Non – melt greases are suitable for the high-temperature application, but one should keep in mind that thickener used is non – melt but additives and base oil have upper operational temperature limit.
– Non – melt grease also has the potential for thickening at lower temperatures. During the selection of lubricant, one should not only consider the heat to which grease would be subjected but also the overall temperature range.
– It is also important to check the grease compatibility. One must know which grease is applied before and if it is the correct one. Cross-contamination is a major problem in grease.
– While considering a non- melt grease for higher temperatures one should consider other parameters like the base oil being used otherwise oil burning can occur which can result in thickener residue.
– Over greasing is always a common challenge with greasing, especially for non- melt grease one considers the considerate and calculated qty of grease for filling and relubrication.

Application of Non–melt grease:

Non – melt greases is optimum solution for application under category of-

meter showing high speed
High Speed
thermometer showing high temperature
High Temperature
High Load

Application such as:

  • Heavy duty earth moving equipment
  • Furnace doors and hinges and many more
  • Conveyor bearings
  • Oven chains
High temperature pouring process

Mosil's Solution:

AS – 475
High temperature antisieze compound fortified with solid lubricants such as copper, graphite and other solid lubricants. It can be used during assembly to ensure freedom from scoring for those parts which may be difficult to lubricate in service.

SAM – 5075
Specially blended formulation of non-soap grease with other additives to meet crucial industrail applications at high temperatures under heavy loads. It withstands extremes of temperature and load.

BRB – 500g
Specially formulated EP grease fortified with Molybdenum disulphide to meet critical industrial applications at high temperatures. A highly adhesive grease withstanding extremes of temperature and load.

FG – 400 
Food grade synthetic base lubricating grease formulated to provide effective lubrication at high temperature in medium to high speed bearings. It has very good oxidation resistance at high temperature,making it suitable over a wide temperature range.

HVG – 200
Non- melt High vacuum silicone grease .It is highly adhesive and water repellent making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. It can withstand vacuum upto 10-6 torr and is excellent chemical resistant stop – cock grease

Luckily, even with the ever-mounting regulations and crucial environment of applications and requirements. We have a wide range of lubricants for meetings with adverse conditions of applications.


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