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9 Hot Trends In Lubrication

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Understanding lubrication is always a very important aspect of machinery and is always taken for granted and treated like an expensive affair. But as the industry is evolving with new development, lubrication is getting its place and importance. Now, lubrication is fast-tracking in many sectors.

Many industries witnessed success with effective and focused transformations being brought in lubrication fields.

Making changes are often challenging as it means traversing down. It always has a question of whether we will meet a dead end or open door to new opportunities for savings and enhanced productivity?

But now many of us are assured that it is always rewarding to have systematic changes in lubrication. As a result, an increasing number of companies are setting trends for proper lubrication schedules as well as using a quality lubricant.

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The graph of lubrication fields is advancing day by day today with high intensity and pace which has been never seen before in the world of the industrial revolution, especially in terms of lubrication.

Let's take a closer look at some hot trends in lubrication

1. Savings in filtration cost

Cleaning of lubricating oil can be expensive and tricky for many users. One should deploy off-line filtration systems which can significantly reduce the cost and enhance the efficiency of oil. It optimizes the cost of lubricant and lubrication as well.

2. Preventive measures of lubrication have a momentous effect on lubrication cost

Adequate lubrication through preventive and predictive maintenance will always provide beneficiary and fruitful results to the users. Many benefits can be achieved through preventive lubrication such as maintenance cost, equipment cost, corrosion protection cost, etc.

3. Precise viscosity

Nowadays, the selection of industrial lubricants based on precise viscosity is getting renewed attention. As we all know, viscosity affects major important factors including but not limited to consumption of electricity, wear, tolerance to contaminants, etc. Viscosity index is also an important factor that is related to viscosity.

4. Replacing grease with oil in operation: Critical applications

There is a big debate going on between grease and oil. But nowadays, the debate is shifting and tilting towards oil in a range of reliability – critical industrial lubricant application.

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5. Monitoring the useful life of lubricant

Monitoring the useful life of a lubricant is an important aspect and is one of the primary objectives of oil analysis. Eg: Tracking of progressive depletion of additive and oil provides a good estimate of the remaining useful life of the lubricant.

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6. Quality formulated lubricant

There are many local brands available in the market, out of which very few have to qualify to be used in your machines. As well there are many premium brands available that are formulated for quality and performance. They are on the expensive side but fill an important niche in the market.

7. Understanding in-depth about the application

This is very important and trending in the industrial application as users are now understanding the importance of the precise selection of specialty lubricants based on the working condition of machines for improved efficiency of machines.

8. Lubrication expiration dates

One should understand that industrial lubricants are not wine, the older the better. As lubricants have their own shelf life, the users are now getting aware and using the expiration date markings on the lubricants package before usage.

9. Optimizing Re-lubrication frequency

Many are changing their view and revisiting their lubrication schedule and changing their decisions relating to re-greasing and oil drain intervals. This will help in the improvisation of the use of lubricants for the extended service life of lubricants leading to increased efficiency of machines.

The revolution of new technology and the need to enhance plant reliability are renovating the face of lubrication today. These are thrilling days for those who were waiting for the change in the lubrication field. Grab this opportunity and stay ahead of the fleet of industries and reap the benefits.

On this journey, MOSIL Lubricants will be your reliable Partner In Progress. Together we can optimize the working of the plant and increase the efficiency leading to increase productivity.

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