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One of the Largest Cement Producer in India puts a seal to their oil spillage problems in Gear Motors with MOSIL


The cement industry is the building block of a nation's growth. Infrastructure growth leads to India's growth has resulted in India being the 2nd largest producer of cement in the world. In order to retain this position, the cement industry needs to make sure that their plants run without much interruptions and their equipment function at their best at all times. Be it Summer, Winter or Rains.

One of such equipment is packing plant belt conveyor powered by a gear motor.

Gear Motor is commonly used in applications where equipment needs to exert force in order to move a heavy object. For operating such a critical function it is important that the gear motor runs smoothly.

One of the Largest Cement Producer in India faced an issue with their gear motors where it required frequent cleaning and top up due to oil leakage. It regularly operated at reduced oil level which caused excessive wear leading to unscheduled Breakdown.

The oil leakage leads to dirty floors and warranted regular oil level checkup which wasn't reliable as it depended on the manual labour.


"The overall operational cost is saved"


After patiently going through all the concerns and pain points besides understanding the customer expectations, MOSIL came up with a solution that
- Prevented Oil seal leakages
- Reduced lubricant consumption
- Reduced total operational cost by affecting the reliability of the equipment and plant operations.

MOSIL offered its flagship Specialty Fluid Grease MOSIL CSR - 550 that is formulated with specialty base oil and fortified with highly stable chemical additives to reduce fatigue and abrasive wear considerably. Because of its sealing property, it doesn’t allow spillage of the lubricating grease even under extreme operating conditions and is suitable for centralized lubrication. It provides a considerable life of lubricant even at extreme dynamic load conditions and unexpected shock load.