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Global Auto Component Engineering company switches to MOSIL Cleaners to improve employee health & safety


For a leading trans-national auto component Engineering establishment, it is important that the automotive components produced by them result in 100% customer satisfaction. Adequate maintenance and cleaning of equipment are required to consistently produce world-class components. The diesel injection pump is one such component that is the heart of a diesel engine and whose performance has an impact on the overall performance of an automotive engine and eventual customer experience.
An Injection Pump is a device that pumps diesel (as the fuel) into the cylinders of a diesel engine. Such a critical mechanical gadget needs to go through a number of tests in order to qualify as a finished product.
During these trials, the injection pump requires proper cleaning too. The process of cleaning any equipment is generally a manual one using powerful chemical solvents directly on the surface to remove any kind of contaminants. These basic industrial solvents make working conditions hazardous and prosperity threats to people who routinely use or come into contact with these cleaning chemicals.
With such a working environment and limitations on the availability of a good solution, the auto component giant realized that White Spirit is definitely not the type of cleaner they would like to use and they have to find a better solution if they care about their employee health & safety as well as environment.

"Use of less volatile solvents helps to decrease environmental hazards"


In order to prevent potential hazards while keeping the equipment clean at the same time, the auto component manufacturer approached MOSIL to develop a suitable environment-friendly, non-hazardous cleaning solvent which is formulated using non-chlorinated ingredients. MOSIL developed a cleaning solvent in their state-of-the-art R&D facility to meet the customer expectations and developed MOSIL DG -500i and a trial was conducted. The results were found to be on par with White Spirit, however without compromising on the safety and environmental regulations. Substantial reduction in consumption (almost 20% of the original consumption) was just icing on the cake